D1641767-61B1-4F9F-8CE3-9809152297BDUnicorns are all the rage at the moment and we recently had fun at a birthday party making unicorns with the girls, complete with paint and sparkly beads and glitter..C154F752-4261-4FB8-9A70-979362BFCBEDF0E55BCA-36E2-4062-9851-D98DD4071D1AThe boys on the other hand wanted to make a lion, dragon, Nerf gun and dinosaur.. all do-able!.. and they were very pleased with how it turned out.FCAB38B9-2322-4B9E-9B61-FDFA155804E7(This is a behind the scenes pic of the Nerf gun sample idea I made. It’s made with brown airdrying clay and I was impressed with myself getting the sights to line up! #claygunfirsts 😄)

Nerf Gun idea sample

gun sights

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